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Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Flash Focus - "Dr. Ho, The Hawaiian Dr. Who" by Mark Hudson

Our offering this week for our Friday Flash Focus series is by author Mark Hudson, who is becoming a regular contributor to our series. We're pleased to bring him back this week with a Science Fiction themed piece entitled "Dr. Ho, The Hawaiian Dr. Who." We hope you enjoy!

Dr. Robert Ho had just got back from a luau in 15th century Hawaii with his granddaughter, Lindsay Ho. He traveled with his time machine, a palm tree. He was just in time to try and stop Aloha Technology, the evil robotics company that was taking over the Hawaiian Islands, from coming to fruition. The company had been inherited by a bratty 8-year old kid, who showed up to work in a suit and tie, but made the corporation show up to work in their pajamas.

Dr. Ho showed up incognito as one of the cooks. He planned to spy on little Kaopele Mahiki, the 8-year old boy who was part Hawaiian boy, and part Irish boy. And rumor had it that they’d been doing mechanical surgery so that he’d become a robot. But nobody could quite figure that out either. We join Dr. Ho As he lingers in the kitchen, preparing a bowl of Captain Crunch cereal to bring to His Highness.

Dr. Ho walked to Kaopele Mahiki and presented the kid with the cereal. “Not sugary enough,” the boy stated.

“You are so spoiled,” stated Dr. Ho, giving the boy a kick in the butt in a true W.C Fields fashion.

“Guards…Take this cook away. To the dungeons with him!”

Dr. Ho was led to a dungeon beneath the mansion. Meanwhile, upstairs, the boy was about to start his corporate meeting.

A man spoke. “Sir, what shall we do about the Snake problem in Hawaii?

“What problem?” the boy president said, munching on a candy bar. “If people want to have pet snakes, let them have pet snakes.”

“But aren’t they ruining our ecosystem?”

“So? For that, you get a pay cut. Don’t disrupt my plans for Hawaii. Meeting dismissed.”

The crowd began to disperse. “Oh, Jenkins. I’d like to have a word with you. Would you like to do some putting over the weekend?”


“No, putting on a golf course, you idiot! Just for that, you are fired. You’ve got twenty minutes to leave.”

Meanwhile, down in the dungeon, Dr. Ho had installed a secret labyrinth of extra powerful tape recorders and video equipment to catch the boy in continuing his father’s evil practices, dating back to the 1500’s when they sacrificed virgins to the volcano gods. Dr. Ho knew this young whippersnapper was going to have to give up the company, and Dr. Ho could prevent Hawaii from disintegrating.

Just as Dr. Ho, thought his plan was going to work, a giant deadly boa constrictor slithered through a hole in the wall, preparing to bite Dr. Ho. Could this be the end of Dr. Ho? Tune in next time!


lc said...

I liked your story. It is so much like radio pre-tv times. Keep posting, I am on the edge of my seat.

mark hudson said...

Thanks for your comment! i recently got into Dr. Who through Netflix. But the real inspiration was a friend Antonio Martinez, a Peurto Rican psychologist who is also a printmaker who was writing a Mexican version of Dr. Who. I was glad you liked the story. Now i'm inspired to write the sequel! thanks again!