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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Interview Studio - Jannifer Hoffman

Please join me in welcoming Jannifer Hoffman to the Interview Studio.  Jannifer writes Romance for Resplendence Publishing was born in North Dakota and currently resides in Minnesota.  Welcome Jannifer!
For your Douglas Family Series at Resplendence, What have you enjoyed most about writing a series and what has been the most challenging? 

I loved bringing back characters that I had grown attached to. Most challenging was the last one’ Random Fire. I wanted to bring together Virgil (the oldest Douglas brother) and Katie (from Rough Edges) I had many request to do both so I thought, okay why not do them both at the same time. To make it interesting I had to dig deep into Virgil’s past find his problems. These are like real people to me. LOL

You write for both Resplendence and Treble Heart.  Do you find any particular challenge in writing for multiple publishers?

No. Treble Heart was my first sale. I wasn’t happy with them so I wanted a change. My dream is still to find a mass market publisher.

What was the inspiration for your recent book, Bittersweet Memories?  What gave you the idea for the title?

I wanted to do a tormented woman I guess. It’s the only one I actually sat at the computer sobbing as I did the ending. I could readily relate to Joan Wilder in Romancing the Stone. (Smile)  For the title my editor and I brainstormed. She didn’t like my original title (Twisted Memories) so she made suggestion and I worked them over to come up with Bittersweet.  Not the first time we did it either. Edge of Daybreak was even worse. I didn’t have a title at all until she helped. Again we brainstormed. By the way, I always check prospective titles on Amazon to find something that hasn’t been used. Not easy!

Do you have any writing rituals that you follow on a regular basis?

I wish. I’m almost always writing under a deadline. I envy writers who can start with an outline.

What are your must-have writing tools?

It might be a given for most people but since I started writing on an old black Remington upright I would definitely say my computer. One could really understand that if I they knew how bad my typing skills are. Also I use Sandra Brown books like dictionaries. I think she knows more words. LOL

Where do you get your ideas?

I read, read, read. It only takes a tiny seed for me to work it into a story.  I start typing and it just comes to me.  When I get a block, I lose a lot of sleep.

Dark or milk chocolate?  

Dark, only because it's healthier.

Coffee or tea? 

Definitely tea, preferably iced tea. I’ve never drank coffee.

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