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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Walking Dead - My new obsession.

Okay, Let me begin this premise by stating I love most paranormal shows.  There are a few of those that take place in Space that I've not be able to get into. 

I was recently watching Nightline, right before Halloween and they were saying it was the year of the Zombie and they referenced a show on AMC called "The Walking Dead".  And I thought "Who would watch a show about Zombies?"  In saying this I was trying to wrap my head around how you could have an ongoing show, it seemed very unlikely you could sustain this week after week.

So one day I googled it, okay it was probably at three in the morning when I didn't want to sleep.  Anyway had put up Season 2, Episode 1.  So I thought what the heck - I'll watch it.  I was 10 minutes into it when I began to believe in a Zombie apocolypse and rushed upstairs to wake DH (Dear Husband) and force him to watch it with me because I was scared.

I was never one of those people who liked being scared.  I don't like slasher movies or movies with alot of gore, but I do love a good mystery.

Anyway DH diligently watched with me and at the end he said, "I kind of like it."

Me too.  So much so I became one of those people who goes to Walmart in their pajamas - but that's another post.

I ran out and bought the first season of The Walking Dead because I found the premise so entrancing and I'm wondering how are these people going to get out of this.

A few notes about the show: 

The main character is Rick Grimes who wakes up from a coma to go searching for his family.  The show is based on a comic series which I'm suspecting is why it got a second season. The zombies are slow moving zombies - not like the ones from "Resident Evil" or "Zo

1) It is bloody
2) People and animals are disemboweled.
3) There is swearing -quiet a bit at times

Minus the F-Bomb being thrown around.  I don't find the gore to be any worse than something you'd see on CSI or any other crime show.  Except well the walking dead are eating.

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