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Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Q&A

Welcome to the Grand Re-opening of Evanston ShopNotes!  We have all new content...some new editors, but the same original talent...You!

This is your chance to participate!  We welcome your questions, stories, and your knowledge.
Our new schedule will look like this:

Sundays - Sunday Sit-Down Dinner (Essays on life and writing; open submissions with emphasis for working authors/agents/editors/booksellers/etc)

Mondays -  1st, 3rd, 5th week:  Member Mail Bag (Questions from members)
2nd and 4th weeks:  Mentor Monday (Grammar, Business, Conferences, Websites of Interest)

Tuesdays - Reviews (we welcome your reviews on whatever books you are reading as well as movies and television you're watching, plays, food, concerts, travel, you name it)

Wednesdays - Interview Studio (We'll be leading this up with some familiar faces but feel free to request anyone.  I'll do my best to track them down.)

Thursdays - Thursday Thirteen.  Open call for submission of lists of 13 Things.

Fridays -  Friday Flash Focus, Supie Dunbar, Editor

Silly Saturdays -  You know those articles that crack you up or those viral videos or even the unusual ones.  Feel free to share with us. 

You can send your questions to me at

I hope you enjoy the changes we are making and I look forward to hearing from you.

Tina Holland
ShopNotes Editor-In-Chief
EWW Published Author Liaison and COO

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