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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday 13: Thirteen Reasons Why I Can't Go to Paris Just Yet, by Marge C.

Thursday 13: Thirteen Reasons Why I Can't Go to Paris Just Yet
by Marge Coleman

1) Alex needs to get his driver's license. That means he has to practice driving using the 11-year-old family van. It's old and slow EVEN if he painted flames on it. Keep him humble.

2) I need to stay at my job and allow the routine to dominate my days from 8-3pm while my 401K grows (I hope).

3) My basement flooded. What I flushed on Friday re-surfaced on Saturday 7/23/11.

4) My dog is afraid of the thunder.

5) I cannot sell my house. For nothing.

6) I might miss the Cicada songs.

7) Where are my glasses?

8) The left knee I broke last winter ice skating needs additional rehab to appreciate the long walks I will take when I am sightseeing.

9) I drink only decaf. I need more time to learn to drink darker, thicker brews.

10) The electric bill is too high.

11) I cannot decide if I like Frenchmen with or without facial hair.

12) I get plane sick. Car sick. Escalator sick.

13) ******My husband says don't worry, Paris will wait for me. ****


A. Catherine Noon said...

Aww, Marge! You should STILL go to Paris! Imagine! Parisian dogs love thunder, you don't have to sell your house you can just let the neighbors live in it, and you can have Frenchman with AND without facial hair - that way, you don't have to make a decision!

See? Go to Paris! ~jumps up and down~

Debbie Cairo said...

Marge - you need to go to Paris so that you can write about it and I can live vicariously through you :)